$35 a month for the new XBox X? Yes please!

Now then, now then, this is interesting.

Long suffering readers of this blog will recall that I have, on occasion, been banging on about the possibilities of subscription.

It is therefore rather exciting to see it hit the mainstream – as far as I’m concerned – in the context of a subscription to the very latest XBox consoles released later this year.

I’m already paying $8.99 or $11.99 or … I can’t quite remember… per month for the XBox Game Pass Ultimate that we use both on the desktop computers and the recently purchased XBox S (because the PlayStation stopped working… then, conveniently started working again).

So upping the subscription to include a whole new console… that’s appealing.

It’s also way more appealing than blowing $450 or equivalent at once.

TechCrunch has more details, thus:

Along with its Series S announcement, Microsoft detailed two new plans designed to get the consoles in the hands of those unwilling or unable to shell out $299 or $499 for a new system up front. It’s a move that greatly expands the accessibility of the system, even beyond the recent announcement of the low-cost model.


With nothing to pay up-front, what you do have to commit to is something like $25 or $45 a month.

Here’s the detail from Microsoft:

To empower you more than ever to jump into the next generation of gaming, today we confirmed:


Xbox Series X, our most powerful console ever made, and Xbox Series S, next-generation performance in our smallest console ever built at a more affordable price, launch globally November 10, pre-orders start September 22.

The expansion of Xbox All Access to 12 countries, offering you a next generation Xbox and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate starting at $24.99 a month, with no upfront costs.

EA Play Comes to Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost.


I am going to watch this space carefully. I wonder if consumers are ready for this. I hope they are. I think it could usher in an entirely new way of managing your lifestyle… if it proves popular.

I’ll be first in line.

And, of course, here is the obligatory trailer for the new XBox X….

And here’s the official details on the announcement of the consoles from Microsoft.

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