I got my e-SIM real-time from 3DK. Love it.

My wife cracked her iPhone screen. It was still working adequately, albeit with the obligatory big cracks everywhere. Then she gave it to our 8 year old to film some videos in the swimming pool.

Yeah. That didn’t work very well.

So the phone is kaput.

We had a spare iPhone SE. I put the British SIM in there. The local Omantel e-SIM was, of course ‘erased’. I need to go and get another QR code from the shop nearby.

But the Three Denmark one? No such problem. You simply login o the 3 Denmark user control panel, select the subscription you’re interest in, then select ‘get an e-SIM’ and … a second later there’s a QR code on screen for you to snap.

I did that… and boom. I was live in about two seconds.

This is magnificent. Thank you

By Ewan

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