Oh… wait, is that the phone I’ve already got?

I am delighting in the fact that I am able to write again – mostly over at FinTech Profile or LinkedIn – as I have a bit more time on my hands after completing my recent transformation role in Oman.

Above is a screenshot of the email that arrived in my inbox a few minutes ago from Samsung.

“S23?” I thought to myself, “Haven’t I already got that?”

I then looked a the image and thought, “Yeah… weird… why are they suggesting I buy it again?”

Then I lifted my Samsung and looked at the cameras. Then I looked at the photo. The same.


Or is it?

Don’t I already have a ‘head-spinning 200MP’ camera on that?

Or was it…. 100MP?

Dear reader, do you know what I did? I actually opened up my current Samsung, navigated to Settings and then selected About…. and I scrolled down to the model name.

“Oh I’ve got the S22….”


I normally use two phones. iPhone and Samsung. I like the cognitive workload to keep my brain moving when I am swapping between them. Living and working in the Middle East also means that I am at least experiencing the operating system that an overwhelming majority of end-customers tend to use in most GCC markets.

I usually automatically upgrade both the iPhone and the Samsung every year.

Right now… I don’t know if I need to upgrade the Samsung. I really don’t. Is it just the camera?

I haven’t looked in-depth to see what other whizzy things the Samsung team has dreamt up. I hope there’s a lot to justify spending another 1,200 pounds. Although I have kept my S22 in very, very good condition in readiness for a £600 upgrade. So theoretically the new phone should be half price.

Theoretically if I do upgrade now… and get £600 pounds… then I’m only actually spending £50 pounds a month to stay on the latest version of the Samsung.

Meh. Let me go and look and see if I should upgrade…

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