Do you need a Non Executive board member?

Would you like some non-executive support from me?

I’ve now finished a significant piece of work for RBS so I’ve got more time now to offer non-executive support to companies working in and around the mobile world.

I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss an engagement with you. I can offer a wealth of experience, contacts and proactive advice.

I’ve been a startup founder. I’ve led companies to exit. I’ve managed significant budgets and large teams. I’ve struggled through the horror that is the entrepreneurial journey. Plus I’ve seen it all from the other side (arguably, the most important side) in my role as Editor here at Mobile Industry Review. That’s one of the reasons I created the site and continue to write — the access I can offer along with the ability to ask a question of the right person — can be rather helpful. And of course at the right time I can also leverage the site and social channels to get the message out.

Perhaps the most value I can offer is that of a second pair of eyes every month or on a regular basis. I’m not afraid to challenge, to speculate other routes to success and to help offer an opinion completely diametric to the prevailing wisdom.

I can perform a formal role as a standard Non Executive, or depending on the situation it might be more effective for me to act as an informal advisor.

Drop me a note and let’s discuss: I’m

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