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I regularly publish opinion pieces (or Op-Ed’s as they’re known) from third parties.

I require the opinion pieces to be:

  • Interesting and stimulating to a mobile focused senior executive audience
  • At least 600 words (no upper limit) so you can effectively discuss the issue
  • Focused around a topic or an issue and not a direct advertisement for your product/service/company

My readers have little interest in 300-400 words of puff, but they really do like to read stimulating (and where relevant, in-depth) opinion pieces that challenge their perspective.

If that means you have to go into detail about your product or service, great! Just don’t make it a blatant advert.

Our best received opinion pieces are typically written by the experts themselves (with a bit of assistance from their PR experts), writing from a position of passion and fundamental excitement.

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Service Level Contribution

If you’d like an opinion piece published here to a service level (that is, where I pay strict attention and deliver you a prompt experience), then there’s a £250+VAT fee that I’ll invoice you ahead of publication. That’s just an incentive for me to actually stop everything else I’m doing, send you over some tips and ideas and then get the piece published at a date and time convenient to you.

By default and provided you’re ok to wait for me to get round to it, there’s no fee.

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