Hands-on video of Nokia Lumia 800 from the Oxford Street Phones4U store

Thank you to the team at Phones4U who invited me down to their huge Oxford Street store today to check out the Nokia Lumia 800. Now, I was of course at Nokia World for much of the day where I couldn’t move for Lumias, but the reason I wanted to check out Phones4U was to […]


Nokia Lumia 800 is now available for hands-on in EVERY Phones4U store nationwide

Do you like what you saw from today’s Nokia World show? Are you keen to get a look at the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone? Well then, do not pass Go. Head straight for your nearest Phones4U store across the United Kingdom. *EACH* Phones4U store has a Nokia Lumia 800 on-site right now. Today. Ready […]