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Video: BlackBerry Bold 9900 walk-through

This is Momchil here with a demo of the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Further to Ewan’s recent post on the new Bold, I would like to show you this video walk-through of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, taken at the BlackBerry 7 Media Event. Here is the video:


Should you upgrade to BlackBerry Bold 9900? Definitely. Place the order!

Months ago when I first got hands-on with the BlackBerry Bold at BlackBerry World, I thought it was gorgeous. But, it was pre-release. And I try not to think too much about devices that are specifically marked as pre-release. There are often substantial changes before the device hits the shelves. Now I stopped doing actual […]

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The Bold 9900: Stylish performance with NFC

Here at BlackBerry World we filmed a demo of the thinnest BlackBerry yet, the Bold 9900. The device is stylish and performance-driven. Here is the video: