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Blackberry: The dream is over, but the nightmare continues

Got this sent in anonymously in response to various stories on the demise of the Blackberry: —————– Blackberry’s were originally, like most new gadgets, the property of the wealthy, influential and in summary all those nobs who want to stand outside a trendy bar in Shoreditch shouting “look at me, aren’t I a completely amazing […]


T-Mobile’s Web ‘n Walk focus groups: Does Sir use adult related material?

Got an anonymous tip in this evening about T-Mobile’s upcoming focus group research on Web ‘n Walk. You’re disqualified from participating if you happen to be a programmer, web designer or anyone in the telecoms industry — however one nimble SMS Text News reader has got in under the radar… This morning I received an […]

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dotMobi auctions top ten domains – reaction

Every day I get quite a few anonymous tips and comments sent in via the Anonymous Tip Form. Most are heresay, nearly all are thoroughly entertaining and almost without exception, unpublishable. This evening though, I received this comment sent in by someone who is described as a ‘top industry insider’. The comment was prompted by […]

W2Wave – market movements

What can you tell me about UK service provider, W2Wave? I’ve had two anonymous tips on them this week — the last one in this afternoon, telling me that there are market movements on going there. Have you worked with them? They’ve got what looks like a good client list, appear to be a private […]

Anonymous tip time

I had a comment added to one of the blog posts this afternoon which, although highly exciting, I can’t publish it directly. It’s a little too incendiary. I emailed the comment’s author (who used to work for the company in question) and explained. Here is the cut down legal version: Which UK mobile service provider […]

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Orange: Whatever you want, it’s not in stock for you

Just got this in from Sucker — a transcript of his recent conversation with Orange. Sucker: Hello, I’d like to upgrade my phone for only the second time in the 7 or 8 years I’ve been an Orange customer. Orange: Ok, what would you like? Sucker: A K800 please. Orange: Sorry, that phone is out […]

Location based advertising vs profile advertising

Had a comment in today from a reader who was a little irked by this article in The Guardian by Ronan Fitzgerald. The reader comments: Full story in last weeks Guardian – clearly the journalist doesn’t know the difference between location based advertising and advertising based on your profile….. If you’re into LBS, the article […]

Truphone or false? Anonymous Tip

Had an anonymous tip — well, an ‘anonymous experience’ actually — sent in this afternoon from ‘Fred’ about Truphone, the voice over IP mobile service.   [I’ve edited and re-written parts of this to keep the person’s identity anonymous].  Here it is:    Hi there.  I am one of the only people in the United Kingdom […]

Anonymous Tip: Churning out the bonus sign-up cheques

What UK mobile phone retailer has an undocumented but now stringent unoffifical-but-official policy of deliberately bullshitting it’s returning customers with an overly inflated handset upgrade price in order to convince them to swap to another operator — to push those fat sign-up bonus cheques? My spy tells me that the company’s management were initially horrified […]

New mobile payments debit card service coming soon

Got an anonymous tip on a new mobile payments debit card service launching in the UK shortly. It looks rather swish… that’s all I can say for now.

Anonymous Tip – didn’t get the cash, darlin’

Which mobile related startup failed to secure $$$ funding this month after it’s co-founder turned up drunk to the final investment meeting and tried to pull the two female assistants whilst the investment team looked on.    OOOooh dear.    Apparently they’ll get lucky (no pun) next month with another fund. [Ok, so not that […]

Anonymous Tip – hello sailor!

What internationally reknowned newspaper recently published an SMS helpline number for readers — that, it was discovered only after going to print, bore a striking resemblance to the shortcode for a hot gay SMS chat line?