Tips on tips?

To all those submitting anonymous tips, please, please, someone submit a tip that I can a) give at least a HINT to who’s involved and b) am not liable to get nailed to the wall for publishing?  So far I’ve chosen two rather enlightening stories to publish but I’ve not been able to specifically say […]

Bolivian marching powder

Who knew the American mobile industry was so cool?  😉 I thought it was all LL Bean company-branded Oxford Blue Shirts, chenos and comfortable shoes.  I really think I need to adopt the spirit of Popbitch to be very careful what I publish.  The amount of stuff coming through on the Anonymous Tips form… geez.  […]

First anonymous tip!

Which executive at a leading UK mobile phone operator ran up £500 in premium rate SMS charges across 3 days last month after ‘testing’ a newly launched adult text service?  I couldn’t possibly comment.  NOR could I possibly hint to the company name.  But that’s the jist of the anonymous tip … I almost put […]