Online App Maker ShoutEm looks rather nifty

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the mobile app strategy for Mobile Industry Review recently. We have a very swish mobile web site now thanks to the WPTouch premium plugin and, for more limited devices, the WordPress Mobile plugin is working really nicely. Try it out by visiting us on your mobile browser. […]

Applications Opinion

Mobile Roadie or AppMakr or…? Who do you recommend as providers for the MIR 3.0 app?

Right then I think it’s about time I deployed a series of apps for Mobile Industry Review.  We do have a first generation app built by the very talented Pavel — however it’s only available in the UK Apple App Store and it’s only available for iPhone. And it’s quite old now. Almost two years, […]


AppMakr turns your feed into an iPhone app in 5 seconds: GENIUS

Check out this screencast I’ve just made showing off AppMakr. It’s still in beta but the potential of it is simply phenomenal. You can make applications for just $299 — all based on RSS feeds. Wait ’til you see the apps I’ve got planned 😉 More soon…