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Move over Lenovo: Ocado launches world’s largest 42″ tablet

Back in January last year, a lot of readers were absolutely astonished when Lenovo announced their 27” tablet, retailing at £1,000. I remember the almost 50:50 split between those horrified by the size and those who thought it was an excellent concept. I liked the idea of a ‘table tablet’. (The latest Ideacentre Horizon tablet […]


Nokia announces N95-A handset running Android; Hits stores 1st July [1st April]

In an utterly unbelievable move, Nokia today announced that the company’s existing Lumia range of smartphones will be joined by a reinvigorated Nokia Essentials range. Harking back to the company’s previous successes, the first device to hit the shelves will be a completely revamped Nokia N95 christened the N95-A. The exact same candybar form factor […]


Absolutely unbelievable: Google pulls out of mobile; Sells Android to Microsoft & Nokia consortium for $88.2 billion! [April Fools!]

[That’s it just gone midday here in the UK so it’s time to be clear: If you hadn’t already guessed, this was our April Fools story!] Silicon Valley is in shock this morning with the news that Google has quit the mobile industry. The dramatic move comes at a time when questions have been asked […]