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Marketplace: Desk space in Soho available

Is anyone looking for desk space in Soho? Sam Michel, top man at Chinwag Towers, has got some desks available. They're nice chaps at...

Legitimate unlocked T-Mobile G1 is available

News of the availability of the HTC Dream T-Mobile G1 Android based mobile phone has just reached us. Sadly from the post seen here, it...

The INQ1 is available for pre-order now. £79.99 PAYG.

I'll take two please. £80 quid a go? Brilliant! Well. I can only actually USE one at a time. I'm slightly concerned about...

Is that the Sony Ericsson X1 available now then?

Looks like you can order it now from Vodafone UK... any takers?

Nokia N96 available on 3 for £30/month

Finally, the Nokia N96 is available for ordering from 3's UK website. I'm not sure whether you can actually walk into a 3Store...

Full iPhone 3G unlock available

I had a note in from Jody Sanders of iPhoneUnlockUK. They've been pretty successful unlocking previous versions of the iPhone and they're rather...

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