How bad are Brits at handling 0.5 inches of snow?

Following on from my ShoZu Picture Of The Day, I’m pleased I had my N95 8Gb to hand to record this: Just how bad are the Brits at managing 0.5 inches of snow? from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo. Yes, it’s a poor chap trying, hope-against-hope, to get his van up a slight hill outside […]


Just how bad is the Blackberry Storm?

Reader Hugh spotted this Storm review on the MoMo Forums and sent it to me: Volker Konietzko writes: “I have recently upgraded from Curve to Storm and the experience has been devastating so far, partly because of the immature firmware. As far as the clickable screen is concerned, I was expecting more (also in terms […]

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“Mobile-Crushes” – They end now!

Now I know I’ve said it a couple of times in the past few months, but I’m looking for a new phone. The reason I haven’t yet bought one isn’t because I can’t be bothered to purchase one, or because I can’t afford one; in fact I’m more than happy to now pay a little […]