Get a secure VPN with your Boingo account

I just signed up for another Boingo account. Part of me feels this is a little like putting my hand into the deep fat fryer. Sometimes I get frustrated by the slow speed at some hotspots — but that’s not just a Boingo issue. Most wifi providers seem to offer a rather limited throughput on […]


WiFi hotspot services in airports: Totally fracking rubbish

I’ve been doing a bit of travel recently and that’s exposed me to the utter shit that is a modern WiFi hotspot. I don’t remember them being this bad. Every single one I’ve used recently has been a pile of stinking shite. I’ve ended up using my BlackBerry’s EDGE connection rather than dick about with […]

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Boingo: Are there any better WiFi roaming alternatives?

I had the following note in from Boingo tonight. If you haven’t come across them, Boingo is the world’s largest network of WiFi hotspots. I use them regularly, especially when I’m abroad. They’re great with airports, hotels, coffee shops and so on. I particularly like the way their laptop software automatically logs you in — […]


Alltel opens up its Wi-Fi service with Boingo

Alltel Wireless has announced that it has signed a deal with Boingo Wireless that will allow anyone to access to its more than 25,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in the US. The deal with Boingo means that you can sign in and pay for usage without having to have a contract with Alltel. The rates are $19.99 […]