Uplinq: Jeb Brilliant of aBrilliantBlog gives us his take on the Qualcomm Uplinq event

Here at Uplinq 2011 we interviewed the well-known mobile blogger Jeb Brilliant, who runs aBrilliantBlog. We asked Jeb to give us his perspective on the Uplinq event and the latest Nokia announcements. More from Jeb


Twitter is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant for famous people

If you’re famous, get on Twitter. Most definitely. That is the way ahead for any A-lister and most certainly any B, C an D lister. Because the system is dead-easy to use — you CAN do it from your complimentary Blackberry (if you’re A-list), your pimped-out iPhone 3G or from the desktop of your rubbish […]


Video: Scalado’s brilliant imaging software

Ostensibly for the Symbian platform (but available for almost any platform — imagine an iPhone or G1 with this built-in!), we bring you some more footage of the Scalado imaging system for mobile devices. This is one of the videos they produced themselves: See our previous post on Scalado here.