“When will this app be free?” There’s an app for that!

I’m a half fan of this.  I like to see mobile developers make money, you see. FreeAppAlert is a service that tells you when the app you’ve been wanting to buy — but weren’t prepared to pay for, becomes free. Across the evolution of an application, you’ll often see an app released for $$$ before […]


Nokia gets into IM by buying OZ Communications

The beers are on OZ Communications. Big time. They’ve just been acquired by The Big N. Congratulations to all. This is a move that is sure to get tongues wagging some more — Nokia, becoming an internet company? Oh aye. There are a heck of a lot of benefits to Nokia acquiring OZ, not least […]


Mobile Shop staff… You amuse me!

No seriously! Despite how rubbish you can be (note, not all are that rubbish), you have this ability to make me laugh, even when it’s not funny! You see, on Wednesday I took a trip down to my local high street, a busy one at that; in all I would hazard a guess that there […]


I think I want a new mobile.

After having the pure pleasure of playing around with some interesting, new, and innovative mobiles and applicatons over the past couple of weeks; I’ve come to a conclusion that I want a new mobile. I’ve been sitting here looking at mine, a Sony W810i, and it just looks so boring, and big, compared to everything […]