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My backup and emergency phone strategy for the car

Yesterday at about midday I’d just finished a conference call when I got a Whatsapp from my wife. “Blown a tire,” it said. Great. She was apparently meant to be on the way to see some friends with both our young (3.5 & 2 years) boys.  “Blown,” didn’t sound good at all. Not like a […]

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I think I need to buy a Volvo. Look at this genius app for your car! (“Volvo On Call”)

Now then, now then, stop all the clocks! My most recent interaction with Volvo was with an advertisement a good few years ago. The ad opened to the external view of a Scandanavian house surrounded by some snow. A Volvo estate is parked outside. There’s the sound of a bed squeak that begins to continue. […]


The Comfort Blanket That Is Mobile: When A Citroen Van Smacked Into My Range Rover On The M40 Motorway

I was rushing into London the other day for one of the Windows Phone launch events. Normally I’d take the train but the car made a lot more sense given I had my camera equipment with me. I should explain that I drive a Range Rover. With the exception of a summer zooming around the […]


Sony Ericsson announces new Bluetooth Car Speakerphone with longer battery life

I just received this in my inbox from the Sony Ericsson guys. They’ve just announced the new Bluetooth Car Speakerphone HCB-108 that comes with an insane amount of stand-by time. How much? A whole whopping month of stand-by time and upto 25 hours of talk time.  Use it on your visor or keep it on […]