New Video Series: Is the mobile marketing industry too obsessed with smartphones?

Is the mobile marketing industry far too obsessed with smartphones? That’s the question I’ll be asking in a new video series coming soon to Mobile Industry Review in association with OpenMarket, the leading global mobile transaction hub. In the wake of Clarityn’s apparent success at achieving 70,000 downloads of their iPhone pollen count application, I […]


Clarityn Hayfever app gets 5,500 downloads a day, 72k total in 2 weeks

Congratulations to the team behind the Clarityn Hayfever application which we covered on The Application Review last week. The application has knocked back a highly respectable 72,000 downloads in just two weeks (or roughly 5,500 per day). I know mobile developers who would kill for 5k downloads a month, so kudos. I’m particularly interested to […]