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Amazon launches “AWS IoT” Internet of Things service

Amazon already has a cloud business called Amazon Web Services, already one of the most popular in the world. The company has just launched a new service called AWS IoT, which aims to help customers build applications and devices that connect via the Internet of Things. According to Amazon, the service will allow vehicles, health care systems, factory […]


Case study: how Gett manages its SMS based communications via Nexmo’s Cloud API

Without doubt one of the advantages of having always-on, Internet-enabled smartphones is the ability to find relevant, timely and accurate information within seconds. With the rise of smartphones and the app economy, transport services such as Uber and Gett have become hugely popular all around the world. And since Gett (formerly known as GetTaxi) has now overtaken Uber as […]

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Microsoft, smartphones and the cloud – a recipe for success?

Is the cloud and mobile-first strategy making any difference? Microsoft has set its sights firmly on the smartphone market with the acquisition of Nokia. Since the failure of Windows Mobile, its previous smartphone platform, Microsoft desperately needed to unify their struggling mobile hardware and software business. And Nokia, who had been caught off guard by competitors such as Apple and Samsung, […]

Services is giving away a 100TB of data storage

I’ve been a long time user of Koding — way back when it was called Kodingen. It’s been an absolute life saver for me. I’ve been coding for at least 15 years (mostly PHP) and now and again I’ve found myself out and about, but with the need to actually change something on one of […]


How do you manage your personal cloud data, accounts & backup?

Given the experience of Mat Honan at Wired (who was reportedly nailed by poorly enforced security policies at Apple and Amazon), how do you manage your own personal data? What’s your cloud account and data backup strategy? My view has been to always keep stuff in the Cloud. By that I tend to mean Google, […]

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The utterly horrifying reality of today’s consumer cloud services

I’ve got 6 Apple computers live at the moment along with 2 iPads and 3 iPhones. I’d be seriously annoyed if they were lost or stolen. But I’d be safe in the knowledge that the important stuff is stored on iCloud, DropBox, Box, Evernote, Google and Amazon. I’d also be quietly confident of being able […]

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Wow, Canon & Fujitsu launching storage cloud for cameras? (No)

Ah dear, I read this headline from Reuters wrong today. I got all excited. See what you think: Canon, Fujitsu to work on cloud-based data storage What does that mean to me? It means cameras, right? Come on! Amazing! Wouldn’t that be cool if both companies got together to create a WiFi-Cloud-Storage-Amazon-Kindle-style service? I was […]

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Uplinq: David O’Neill of Viafo and the Interactivity of Apps

David O’Neill, CEO of Viafo, talks to us about improving the interactivity of Apps. Viafo deals with adding interactivity and functionality to Apps manageable from The Cloud. The standardised set of APIs handles sharing, checking in, commenting, liking and following. More from David:


MIR is no longer hosted on the Rackspace Cloud

For a good few years we’ve been hosting Mobile Industry Review (“MIR”) on the Rackspace Cloud. I’ve loved it. The concept is this: You pay $100 a month minimum. That buys you 10,000 ‘compute cycles’ and a ton of diskspace and bandwidth. For a reasonable sized site like MIR with around 250,000 visitors a month, […]

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iTunes lack of cloud support = Shit

Last night I blew 7 quid on an Above & Beyond trance album. I find good trance music useful when I’m working on extended projects that need focused attention. I bought the album on my iPhone. I listed to some of the tracks immediately and marvelled at the technological advances that made the experience possible. […]


CloudVox: Make calls & texts via your Rackspace Cloud Server

I’m a pretty big fan of Rackspace, ever since I turned to them to manage my dedicated servers years ago. I moved all my online activities to Rackspace’s new Cloud service about a year ago and I haven’t looked back. It’s been simply fantastic and I really enjoy not having to arse around with actual […]