Make something like this Nokia, and the game is afoot!

That there is the next Nokia handset — the X9 — supporting 720p quad LED, microSD, HDMI, dual mini USB, AMOLED screen… No wait… Alas, it’s just a concept. Yup, it’s made-up — but it’s a really-good made-up set of images. It’s been published by the chaps over at Greek technology site, Pestaola and I […]


iRiver concept touchscreen phone could, possibly, maybe, perhaps, someday, arrive

The phone first aired at CES this year has just been given the release date of March, for Korea. Elsewhere in the world? Your guess is as good as ours, but no holding your breath please. We‘re unsure as to why we’re showing you this, it’s not to upset you with the unlikely hood that […]