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Uplinq: Dvir Reznik – Bizzabo helps establish eye contact, shake hands and meet face-to-face

Momchil here with a demo of Bizzabo, helping out at conferences to communicate with the right people. Dvir Reznik of Bizzabo demonstrates the system helping you find the right people to talk to at a conference, learn more about them and finally establish face-to-face contact. We believe in eye-contact, handshakes and face-to-face meetings. Here is […]


N95 8GB: Phone start-up failed. Contact the retailer.

Ah dear. I dug out my N95 8GB the other day and charged it up. I was going to try and use the device more – as a camera (because if you recall it arrived from T-Mobile UK without data functioning). Well. I can’t use it. Not at the moment. I’ve never seen this message […]

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Do I resent my mobile?

Do I resent my mobile? I’ve been told once or twice that I resemble something of an old woman or more precisely an “Old Bag”. True, I do have my “old person” tendencies; but I do try to remain youthful as much as possible… Seeing as I’m only seventeen. It has however hit me; I’m […]