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Retailers need to focus on retail technology to drive footfall

Today’s post is an interesting viewpoint from Gavin Ray, SVP of products and marketing at ip.access, on how retailers are embroiled in a ‘retail arms race’ – battling for in-store footfall. Gavin’s view is that the high street is still alive and kicking, despite popular conceptions that the high street is ‘dead’, but he warns that […]

Operators Opinion

You know, I do go on about Vodafone, but..

I was just having a look through the Vodafone eForum. It’s a tremendous resource for customers and, I think it’s fair to say, one of Vodafone’s best additions to their customer service offering, ever. The eForum is a pretty harrowing read if you’re someone like me. I’m fixated by what operators should be doing. I’m […]

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Belgium Operator Mobistar gets punk’d (well, the Belgian equivalent)

Thanks to reader Phil who brought this one to my attention. Mobistar, I’m reliably informed, had a pretty poor reputation when it came to customer service. You know the type of service — transferred from pillar to post with no one bothering to help. I’m pretty sure we’ve all experience something like this from our […]