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Amdocs: Qnomy Inc, no more queuing at the right desk

This is Momchil with a video of Qnomy Inc and a new way of marketing. Qnomy Inc utilises successfully the concept of “Enqueuing representatives to the right customer” rather than “enqueuing customers to the right desk”. Their system is embedded in the operations of large corporations, banks and retail stores. Here is the video:


OrangePartnerCampWatch: More facts and figures

In wrapping up the event this week and after sitting through more meetings than we care to remember, Orange presented some more figures that we thought we’d pass along. These go on to highlight just how well they’ve done in the past year alone, with the culmination of stats that ended in September this year. […]

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How not to reassure your customers!

Some of you may recall my complain to Blyk I posted yesterday; this was directly aimed at my frustration of some of the Blyk staff, but also turned out to be a ranting ramble about the audacity that Blyk think they have to expand. Well it seems, they’ve finally gotten around to reading my complaint […]