3’s E586 MiFi: Blown away by the ridiculously fast speed!

  So as I wrote earlier, I’m waiting for my BT Infinity service to be connected tomorrow so I’m using my all new 3 E586 MiFi that I got last week. (Do read about the rather frustrating circumstances of that.) I thought I’d do another post about the MiFi just to illustrate how good I’m […]


My new 3 Huwaei E586 MiFi: Faster than 65% of UK connections

That image there highlights just how good the all new 3 MiFi (Model: E586) is when it comes to offering a usable internet connection. Indeed, this connection isn’t just usable, according to, it’s actually better than 65% of the rest of the United Kingdom. Love it. I’m using this at home in Ascot and […]