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Tesco’s mobile scanning feature is really, really smart

I think I’m right in saying that Tesco is the second largest supermarket chain on the planet just before the Wal-Mart group of companies. In the UK alone, Tesco employs almost 300,000 people working across over 2,500 stores. It’s a veritable giant. Beyond a quick foray into a rather featureless (yet highly popular) Clubcard app, […]


Save me from the chip & PIN nightmare, please!

I’ve had it with chip & PIN payments. I simply can’t stand it any more. First, though, let me explain. A few years ago, the United Kingdom financial institutions, tired of the ridiculous amount of credit card fraud that they — ultimately — had to pay for, decided to implement chip & PIN credit and […]


What are the best mobile ecommerce apps?

I was talking with a reader today about some of the best mobile ecommerce apps on the planet. I’m shocked to say that — from the top of my head — I came up with three: – Ocado (supermarket, groceries) – Touchnote (postcards from your phone) – Pizza Hut (order pizza via your phone) There’s […]