How do you feel about GPRS or Edge? Should we kill it or live with it? Or re-fit it?

I’ve been using an iPhone on Vodafone’s network for a few weeks on the train commute I do most mornings. I’ve done this to compare the experience with a 3 (or “Three”) iPhone. The major difference between both networks that I can discern is the following: 1. I find things much faster on 3G with […]


Next BlackBerry to dump HSDPA for EDGE

Can it be true? After finally getting into gear and making an HSDPA BlackBerry, RIM looks like it’s turning is temporarily turning its back on the speedy 3G in favour of slower EDGE devices According to IntoMobile, the next addition to the BlackBerry family will be a lower end device called the Javelin, which will […]


Nokia Siemens doubles EDGE speeds

Good news for iPhone users out there: Nokia Siemens Networks reckons it’s cracked a way to double the speeds EDGE networks are capable of. The networking company says it can now get 592 kbps out of EDGE by way of a software upgrade. The company says the EDGE speed boost will be around from the […]