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Virginia Tech: SMS & email updates did their job

Reading about today’s events at Virginia Tech, I’m pleased that the mobile medium played a critical part in alerting students of the issue: This time the universitys 30,000 students promptly received email and text message alerts warning them about the gunman. The university website and Twitter account swiftly alerted the outside world to developments onsite. […]

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IT Professor rubbishes texting as an emergency alert system

Now this is an interesting one. A very interesting one. You know how I’m all in favour of text systems for emergency or company/organisation-wide alerts? Well, that’s based on the system actually working as expected. The ability to be able to send a message to all 5,000 staff immediately (e.g. “Hello, come and empty your […]

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ICO puts up satellite for US mobile TV

ICO Global Communications has announced its launched a new satellite that will allow it to start offering new mobile services later on in this year. The satellite, called ICO.G1, went up yesterday from Cape Canaveral, and reached its orbit later that afternoon. The satellite will let ICO provide services including mobile TV, navigation and emergency […]

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US gets disaster warnings by SMS

What do people do during disasters? Turn to their mobiles, of course. The Federal Communications Commission has adopted a plan that will see mobile networks used to transmit alerts during disasters or emergencies. The system, called the Commercial Mobile Alert Systems, will see texts sent to mobile users including, presidential alerts, imminent threat alerts and […]

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