Europeans for Fair Roaming: Thanks chaps!

For the most part, mobile roaming fees are ridiculous. I have absolutely NO time whatsoever for mobile executives who complain that roaming is actually an incredibly difficult issue to transact. That might have been the case a decade ago. Nowadays, if you’re serious about sorting out your roaming interconnects, you work with a firm such […]


Cheaper roaming data on the way?

After capping roaming rates for voice calls not so long ago, EU Commissioner Viviane Reding is now turning her sights on the cost of SMS and data while abroad. It’s all part of the latest consultation from the EC, which is aimed at getting opinions from those in the industry on how the new capped […]


Europe gives DVB-H the official nod for mobile TV

Good news for Nokia, not so great news for Qualcomm and MediaFLO: the European Commission has given the Nokia-backed DVB-H mobile TV standard the official thumbs up by adding it to the EU List of Standards. Now, member states “will be required to encourage the use of DVB-H”. The Commission has also hinted that it […]