More WiFi pain at the Eurostar Gare du Nord terminal

Here I am at the Eurostar terminal at Paris Gare du Nord. A guy just sat down opposite me and tried to connect to WiFi. He opened up his MacBook Pro (this is the business lounge, so, you know, MacBook Pro’s are ten-a-penny) and tried to find the WiFi. Like me, he cycled through the […]

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Here’s what I think of Eurostar’s non-existent on-board WiFi

Feel the frustration. Utterly, utterly annoying. 2011 and no on-board WiFi yet.


Another day, another bollocks Eurostar experience

When will companies get that ‘internet’ is not just another nice-to-have? It’s not just an also-ran for a whole array of business executives, it’s actually important. I’m sitting in the Eurostar terminal’s business class lounge right now at Kings Cross St Pancras. I’ve paid £450 for the return ticket. I paid the money partly because […]