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Motorola Flipout: You’ll love it, or…

… or you won’t. It’s what’s known in the industry as pure Marmite. Either you’ll take to it or you’ll be up to the wee small hours screaming about handset design standards. Have you come across the Motorola Flipout before? I found it lurking in the Expansys.com ‘coming soon’ section and was minded to take […]

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Another day, another Expansys leak

Once again, we revisit that preemptive of preemptive websites, the greatest leaker of leaks – Expansys, this time around it’s with Nokia’s forthcoming E75. Those marvellous, marvellous people over the online mobile phone resellers just really seem to be a fountain of information rather than just a fount of late. Only a few weeks back […]

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RumourMill: Expansys springs another leak

Once again, that favourite online leaker, sorry online reseller has done it again by pre-announcing yet another phone by opening up its ordering. This time around it’s Samsung, with their BlackBerry-esque C6625 and way before it’s even been confirmed as an actual phone by the vendor. It’s as if they’re not even trying anymore or […]

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** UPDATE ** N97 UK arrival date leaked ** UPDATE **

Details have been listed on Play.com of the actual in store date of the N97, much much earlier than expected – March 31st. Hurrah! Spotted by Pocket-Lint is this revelation of revelations over the stores website seen here, heavily pre-empting any official announcement by Nokia themselves. Only a month ago we brought you news the […]

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Nokia N97 hits the Expansys store

You can pre-order a Nokia N97 this morning at Expansys. Granted, they don’t even have a rough cost yet, but you can sign-up now to be notified the moment they can sell you one. I reckon it’ll be, what, 700 quid plus initially? The 6 month wait is really, really annoying. That’ll fly by though…

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