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Is £399 still too much for the Amazon Fire Phone?

I logged into the web version of Amazon yesterday and was greeted by this take over screen: It’s the promo for the UK version of the Amazon Fire Phone, exclusively available on O2. If you choose the lowest £13/month tariff (24-months) on the always helpful O2 Refresh plan, then the Fire Phone will cost £399. […]

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Survey: 27% of UK consumers would consider purchasing Amazon Fire Phone

While I’m writing about the Amazon Fire Phone, here’s a survey conducted by Gorkana THIS morning (i.e. the day after the launch). Depending on how you read it, it’s not brilliant news. Let’s get into the guts of the release: Amazon has taken its first step into the mobile phone market and just unveiled its […]

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Amazon Fire Phone: Too expensive to matter today

At $649, the Amazon Fire Phone appears to be a really good piece of engineering and software design. It’s just too expensive to matter at the moment. This is a turning point to remember though. The ramifications of yesterday’s launch are likely to be seen in 2 or 3 years time. The current price point […]

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Amazon’s Fire Phone: 12 executives give their opinions

What did executives across the wider mobile industry in the UK make of last night’s launch of the Amazon Fire Phone? I asked a series of executives from a wide variety of companies to give us their viewpoints. I also asked them to give us a one liner description on their company for a bit of […]


How about an iPad instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day?

An iPad: It’s the gift that keeps on giving! That’s the perspective that Apple has adopted with their most recent newsletter mailing. It echoes the message that Amazon has been advertising recently (see my post from last week) and it’s a compelling story. For anyone who can afford to spend £399 on an iPad on […]


Who’s buying a Kindle Fire then?

I’ve wavering on the Kindle Fire. Obviously it’s not available in the UK officially yet but that won’t necessarily stop me from owning one. I don’t have a standard Kindle. Instead I prefer using the array of apps, mostly on my iPhone or iPad, to access my Amazon library. The Fire, though, that’s something I […]