We (almost) sent flowers to John Hadl of Brandinhand

Well for the second time ever, we’ve not been able to actually *send* flowers to the person we wanted to. The first failure, late last year, was when we couldn’t find a florist willing to deliver to Afghanistan Mobile. This time, well, we couldn’t find the address for John Hadl, founder and CEO of Brandinhand. […]

The Fry Bouquet – follow-up

I had a lot of emails from readers delighted that we selected Stephen Fry — national treasure, uber gadget geek and iPhone fan — to receive the SMS Text News flowers. One or two from sunnier climes wondered who he was so I asked Ben Harvey to give us an overview in place of his […]

The SMS Text News Flower Fairy returns – your help needed

We rested the SMS Text News Flower Fairy during most of December. If you recall, every Monday, I like to send flowers to someone in (or connected with) the mobile industry. I think it’s a nice thing to do — I like highlighting the recipients and pointing out good work. There’s no nomination process per […]

The SMS Text News Flower Fairy got stuck in Afghanistan

So each Monday we send flowers to someone in the industry, right? Well. Bit of a challenge this week. We’ve been trying to send flowers to a person in Afghanistan … although Interflora don’t appear to deliver there. We’re still hunting for a way. To all those who’ve emailed demanding to know where the Flower […]