How about an iPad instead of flowers for Valentine’s Day?

An iPad: It’s the gift that keeps on giving! That’s the perspective that Apple has adopted with their most recent newsletter mailing. It echoes the message that Amazon has been advertising recently (see my post from last week) and it’s a compelling story. For anyone who can afford to spend £399 on an iPad on […]


AT&T Hooks Up With 1-800-FLOWERS for Valentine’s Day

AT&T and 1-800-FLOWERS are seeing a greenish-red this year for Valentine’s Day. The largest GSM carrier in the United States has added a link to the 1-800-FLOWERS mobile shop to its MediaNET deck, as part of their ‘Cupid Goes Wireless’ campaign. AT&T subscribers can login to send their special someone a free animated flower bouquet […]

Who should the Flower Fairy visit next?

As you know, every Monday (or Tuesday in some cases) the Flower Fairy, (that would be me, Krystal 🙂 dusts off her wings and heads out to visit someone who has done something great in the mobile world. We take care of the sending, but what we need from you is, who should I visit […]

Flower Fairy is off to Smaato!

Hello everyone! As Ewan mentioned yesterday, Smaato has just received $3.5 Million in funding, so we thought it only best to send them some flowers as a congrats! Today’s bouquet is on it’s way to CEO Ragnar Kruse at their German office in Hamburg. Great job Smaato! (sorry for the day delay, they took a […]


SMS Text News sends flowers to Stephen Fry

Every week we send flowers to someone in or connected with the mobile industry. No specific reason, other than because we think they’re deserving. Last week the recipient was Paul Magelli who’d just sold his company to Nokia. Previous to that, it was Hugh from mobile messaging giant, MBlox. This week we thought comedian, writer, […]

Flower Fairy returns, flies to Paul Magelli, CEO of Apertio

After a very nice vacation, I, the Flower Fairy here at SMS Text News has returned with this week’s delivery. Today’s flowers are zooming over to Paul Magelli of Apertio, who recently had some very exciting news. He was nominated with these kind words “congratulations to Paul and his team after Nokia recently announced an […]

Flower Fairy flys to Hugh Haley of MBlox

I just flew back from Australia…and boy are my wings tired! (Badumbumching!) Bad jokes aside, the Flower Fairy had an extra long journey today all the way to Australia to deliver flowers to Hugh Haley of MBlox. Hugh was nominated by Tim Davis of “Hugh has been really supportive of us and what we’re […]

Flower Fairy on her way to Nicola Harris of 02

Good morning everyone! This week’s Flower Fairy delivery is on it’s way to Nicola Harris of 02 who was nominated with these kind words “Nicola Harris has done sterling work to get the Good Mobile Messaging solution positioned for Sale from O2. O2 are now selling Good Mobile Messaging alongside Blackberry and we have already […]


Flower Fairy flys to Lucas Bertrand of MoMedia

Good day everyone! Resident Flower Fairy Krystal here with this weeks delivery (of chocolates actually) to Lucas Bertrand of MoMedia. My apologies for the slight delay this week, apparently if you send something other than flowers it takes an extra day to get delivered. Keep up the great work Lucas!

Flower Fairy on her way…

The Flower Fairy is on her way and will be landing with her delivery tomorrow…stay tuned!

Flower Fairy flys to Jane Henry of SpinVox

Great things have been happening at SpinVox, hence the reason for this week’s Flower Fairy recipient, Jane Henry. Thanks to SMS Text News reader, Dominic Pannell, for the recommendation! Great job Jane! We can’t wait to see what SpinVox comes out with next.

Flower Fairy Flys tomorrow…

Slight storm here today, grounded temporarily, stay tuned!