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I’d like to see a Wakoopa for my mobile handset

I didn’t bother signing up for Wakoopa when I heard about it a while ago. I thought it was a cool concept — track the desktop applications you’re using (along with ‘web applications’) and then publish the data to let you track what your friends are using.


ArrivedOK tells your friends/family when you… arrived OK

Ah hah. Another neat idea that came flying into my inbox this afternoon. It’s called ArrivedOK. The concept is that when you arrive at your destination (successfully) you usually turn on your mobile. When you do this, ArrivedOK will automatically tell all your nominated friends/loved ones/Twitter/Blog/Facebook folk that you’ve arrived ok. Peace of mind. Especially […]

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Mobile Social Networks: What’s their future?

I’ll admit it; I’m one of those weird people who click that box that enables websites to send out lots of pointless newsletters. I live in the hope one day they’ll serve a purpose or value – like the Woolworths ones did (once upon a time) – and of course updates on other websites and […]

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Do I resent my mobile?

Do I resent my mobile? I’ve been told once or twice that I resemble something of an old woman or more precisely an “Old Bag”. True, I do have my “old person” tendencies; but I do try to remain youthful as much as possible… Seeing as I’m only seventeen. It has however hit me; I’m […]


Did you ever have a penfriend when you were younger?

I came across this post on a forum this morning. We’ve got countless, countless alerts, feeds and whatnot — all around texting, SMS and mobile. Tia’s forum post popped up: Would you like to be email or text friends? Hello! my name is Tia, im not new to Christianity but im trying now to find […]