A serious problem for me, Google and BlackBerry

I just found out that on 22nd of November, Google is going to discontinue their Gmail App for BlackBerry. This is a serious, serious problem for me. Ultra serious. Let me explain. I have 12GB of email in my personal Google Apps account. I have 7GB in my Mobile Industry Review Google Apps account. I […]


I’ve signed up for a hosted BES account for Google Apps

I have finally decided to try out hosted BES (“BlackBerry Exchange Server”) for my BlackBerry. I’ve tolerated the BlackBerry Gmail Plugin for a few years and whilst it was a blessing back in 2008 or whenever it was made available, it’s a total arse that it doesn’t sync properly (delete on the BlackBerry and it […]


If you’ve been emailing me…

… If you’ve been emailing me recently and you need a response pronto, send your mails to temporarily. The migration we did with Google Apps last night worked perfectly fine for everyone’s email boxes… apart from mine. So I haven’t actually had any new mail delivered since 1:50am this morning. Google assure me the […]