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Panic Stations at Cupertino: Why Apple’s iOS 6.0 Maps is a multi-billion dollar problem happening right now

So, that’s a long title. But it’s entirely accurate. You will no doubt have noticed a wide array of publications talking about the utter horror that is Apple’s new iOS 6.0 proprietary mapping application. Like me, many of you will have installed the upgrade of iOS 6.0 overnight and you’ll probably have noted the new […]

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Location ‘holy grail’ features now offered by BlueVia

Now then, for years — YEARS — developers have been crying out for proper location APIs from mobile operators to use. Years. It got so bad that the unthinkable eventually happened — Nokia was forced to start including GPS chips in their handsets. It was THAT bad. And it was unthinkable because of the battery […]


Google Latitude arrives to rip the arse out of mobile location services

I did a call on Twitter for 140 character (or more) immediate reactions to Google’s modification to Google Maps. The new feature, Latitude, is a setting on the menu of Google Maps 3.0 available for download today. Now you can see your Google friends visually on Google Maps. It works rather well and the ramifications […]


MIR Show goes to Rome and finds locals using N73s

We’re still getting to grips with this international-bloggers-of-mystery concept here at the Mobile Industry Review Show. Instead of bringing you updates, perspective and on-the-road tests from somewhere in London, we decided to take the MIR Show on the road. The first stop, of course, was Rome. We flew out on the 730am British Airways flight […]


Completely, totally FAILED by Google Maps and Blackberry in Paris

Well what a total unmitigated flocker it was this weekend. The entire flocking mobile industry failed me. Massively. We’re going to some European destinations shortly with the Mobile Industry Review (“MIR”) Show. Whilst it’s an exciting possibility, it’s not the sort of thing I want to do on-the-fly. I’d like to get a bit of […]