The Digital Native divide: How difficult is it to send photos to Granny?

What constitutes a Digital Native? It used to be ‘us lot’ didn’t it? Anyone working in and around the technology space. A few years ago, you could probably have defined the term as ‘anyone who knows how to properly use a Nokia N95’. Because if you spent enough time learning how Symbian worked, you probably […]


Teach Your Granny to Text & Other Ways to Change the World

Teach Your Granny to Text & Other Ways to Change the World is a new book available for £6.60 on Amazon. Here’s the background: In a unique collaboration between the social change organisation We Are What We Do and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF), thousands of children were invited to come up […]

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The iPhone: It didn’t work, but I think I like it!

Nearly two weeks ago, Ewan announced he was sending me an iPhone, and simultaneously I announced I really do not like the device. My ramble about the iPhone only summed up a few of my displeasures about the device, but I was more than willing to accept I maybe wrong. Firstly, I should point out, […]