It ges worse for Android: IBM uncovers Android banking vulnerability

The message for Android is increasingly bleak in the context of security. I really do wonder whether the average normob (“normal mobile user”) is beginning to form the view that ‘Android is insecure’. I don’t know if the message has penetrated widely enough and often enough in mainstream media yet. But I’m sure some damage […]


James Murdoch takes the BlackBerry “More?” defence

If you’ve been following the newspaper hacking scandal, you’ll no doubt have caught the recent admission from James Murdoch: Apparently he did receive that email — but since he received it on his BlackBerry, he didn’t read the whole email. This is a reasonable argument. I’ve done this many times. Sometimes if you’ve got poor […]


Phone hacking: How 3UK easily helps hackers get to work

I just received this email from a senior executive working in the mobile industry. Have a read. It is pretty shocking: I’m stunned. I just called 3UK *Business support* from a random landline and got the PIN on my voicemail changed, using just the info on my business card. All they asked for was my […]


T-Mobile UK: Do you still plan on spending cash with the News of the World? #notw

Today there’s a challenging conundrum sweeping the social media desks at big brands across the United Kingdom. The Corporate Communications Directors are — as I type — looking expectantly at their social media gurus, demanding answers. Yesterday’s revelations about the News of the World newspaper hacking the voicemail of a missing (and sadly, murdered) teenager […]