Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas and Season’s Greetings from us all here at Mobile Industry Review. I trust Santa was good to you and that the package you have been eyeing under the Christmas tree for the last 10 days or so — the one that looked suspiciously like a well wrapped mobile phone box — really is […]

Operators Opinion

Vodafone announce Pre-Pay Deal!

Vodafone have announced their first pre-pay deal in over two years. Luckily for us pre-pay consumers out there, it sounds like a bloody good offer too. For just ten pounds per month, users will be entitled to unlimited free evening and weekend texts. Obviously this will be in-accordance to a Fair Use Policy of some […]

Devices News Opinion

The iPhone: It didn’t work, but I think I like it!

Nearly two weeks ago, Ewan announced he was sending me an iPhone, and simultaneously I announced I really do not like the device. My ramble about the iPhone only summed up a few of my displeasures about the device, but I was more than willing to accept I maybe wrong. Firstly, I should point out, […]