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I’m going to lease an iPhone 4S from o2 this afternoon

Did you hear about o2’s new leasing programme for iPhones? It caught my attention because it’s almost something I’ve been banging on for quite a while. My favourite operator innovation concept is that I just pay a flat fee per month and receive whatever device I want. The idea being that I finally divorce myself […]


Lowe’s hardware deploys 42,000 mobile devices (and iPhones) to staff

Lowe’s is a massive, massive American hardware chain. They did $48 billion in sales last year. 15 million shoppers flock to their stores every week. I’m pleased to report that they haven’t been waiting around for mobile to hit them.They’ve deployed 42,000 mobile devices to their 1,700 stores (almost 25 devices per store) to help […]

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Uplinq: Brian Spencer, Senior Engineer at Qualcomm Innovation Center QuIC demonstrates in-browser camera functionality

This is Momchil here with a video of Brian Spencer, Senior Engineer at Qualcomm Innovation Center QuIC. Brian demonstrates AllJoyn camera functionality in a web page. Using a little Android doll and two smartphones, Brian shows us how AllJoyn technology works inside a web browser. Here is the video:

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The smartphone secret sauce: Spiffy browser; some EA games?

Stefan over at IntoMobile wrote a post showing a grainy photo of a Nokia MeeGo tablet. That wasn’t my interest though. Stefan took the opportunity to summarise his perspective on the smartphone (and tablet?) industry thus: Nokia lost the hardware battle a long time ago when everyone started jumping on top of the Qualcomm Snapdragon […]