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Jabra Stone — this week’s newsletter prize

If you read *all* the way to the end of the weekly Mobile Industry Newsletter — after the Vodafone bile analysis — right to the end, you’ll find the fun bit. That’s where we give away a wickedly good prize. To enter the prize, you simply have to tweet a specific phrase. I started doing […]

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Mini-review: Jabra BT2050 bluetooth headset

Back on the Great Wall I gave the BT8030 headphones / speaker combination the thumbs down and the BR2050 mini-headset the thumbs up, but what a difference a more extended test makes…  I’ve already updated my view of the BT8030s to a qualified ‘not half bad’ (for travel) in my review, but unfortunately the BT2050s […]

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Review: Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Speakers

As shown in my clip from the Great Wall, included in Mobile Industry Review Show 27, I took the unusual combination-product  – the Jabra BT8030 Bluetooth headphones, headset and speakers – with me to Beijing.  Deployed normally as a chunky pair of headphones which connect to mobile handsets or computers to perform standard duties in […]

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How long should you wear your bluetooth headset?

This chap on the train today – incidentally with a Caravan World magazine in his bag – wore his bluetooth headset for the entire train journey. Not one person phoned him in that time. I can’t decide if this is useless or good utility. – Taken at 9:58 AM on July 02, 2008 – cameraphone […]

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