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iHealth Blood Pressure Dock arrives to fundamentally change healthcare

The iHealth Blood Pressure dock launches today. It’s simply fantastic. This product heralds a fundamental change in the way that healthcare metrics will be obtained, delivered and managed. The interactive or e-health marketplace is growing substantially. Indeed last year I saw a tiny pill at Qualcomm’s offices that — no word of a lie — […]


Qualcomm healthcare MVNO on the way

It looks like Qualcomm is finally getting its MVNO off the ground, according to Wireless Week, which reports that the company has picked a CEO for the operator who will start work next month. The MVNO, which will go by the name of LifeComm and offer healthcare based services (although no word on specifics) as […]


IBM kicks off universal translator, mobile soul removal

IBM has been touting the latest initiative to come out of its Research Labs, aimed at building a slew of services for the developing economies where mobile phones are the de facto web access device. There’s a lot of fluff around the initiative (social networks go mobile – who’d have thought it?), but some potentially […]