How to identify the MIR team at Mobile World Congress

This is the beta version of the Mobile Industry Review jacket that we’ll all be wearing at Mobile World Congress. Front: Nice understated branding. And now for the back: We were going to go for BRIGHT RED for the whole jacket but that has two problems. One, it’s a little bit TOO bright. And our […]


How to Fix the Nokia N-Series

Nokia Daily News posted this series of suggestions on how to fix the Nokia N-Series. I will avoid giving Nokia a kicking, since it’s a Tuesday. I’m trying to keep my stress levels below 90% and allowing myself to think about Nokia for more than 2 minutes will blow my objectives. I’m just pleased that […]

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How to build an SMS notification app in 20 minutes

I came across this absolutely fantastic overview from Webmonkey that shows you how to create an SMS notification application in no time. I reckon it would take me about 20 minutes, using their code samples, to knock it together. If you’ve got a working knowledge of PHP, I challenge you to take 20 minutes and […]