Top 10 tell tale signs a clam shell phone is better than a candy bar design mobile

1. When was the last time your arse called three of your ex partners on a clam shell phone 2. Ever tried to close up a candy bar design phone, you can’t – it breaks in two 3. Two screens in one! Better at half the price of two phones 4. Everyone likes shellfish, it’s […]

Top 10 tell tale signs you’re paying too much for your tariff

1. Text messages aren’t included in your package and you’re paying twice as much as the national debt of Uruguay for usage each month 2. The minutes you’re allowed are only enough to call customer services to complain about the tariff 3. Calling a ‘local number’ costs the same as calling Australia at peak hours […]


Top 10 tell tale signs your phone is on the way out

1. Calls get dropped so much that you’ve taken to using two polystyrene cups and a length of string 2. The megapixel on the camera is so low the very first pin hole camera takes a better shot 3. One of the music formats accepted by the phone is vinyl 4. The phone is so […]