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Happy Birthday Instagram

Today, Instagram turns 5 years old and to celebrate this milestone, we’ve taken a look back at how it has become one of the fastest growing communities in the world. Key stats and facts: Instagram has grown from the dream of two friends, to one of the fastest growing communities, with over 400 million monthly […]

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Apps that changed the world: Instagram

This instalment of our apps that changed the world series looks at the phenomenon that is Instagram (“Instagram” is a portmanteau of “instant camera” and “telegram”). How has it changed the world? There is arguably nothing quite like it in terms of photo sharing, and the way it has turned more than a hundred million people into avid photographers and sharers. The Instagram community has […]


A billion dollars for Instagram?

Oooof. There must have been all kinds of jiggery-pokery going on behind the scenes with this one. A billion dollars? Still it’s cash and shares — I haven’t read how much the actual cash amount is (or whether that’s been published yet) but of course the majority will be stock. Which, after 6-months or so […]


Here’s the list of apps that I actually use every day

A colleague has recently picked up an iPhone. He’s using it in conjunction with the top of the line BlackBerry Bold 9900. The Bold is doing the corporate email — he, like me, just can’t get away from the gorgeous messaging experience from RIM. However, he got the iPhone to test. He obviously asked for […]


Make instagram books with Blurb

I am a big fan of I really enjoy snapping away with the app, especially when I’m abroad. This morning I got a note through from the book publishing service, Blurb, telling me about their book creation feature. Blurb’s system will connect to your account and pick-up your photos automatically, allowing you […]