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Paul Gowans of JDSU announces Data Collection Technology for Service Providers

Momchil here, with a video of Paul Gowans, Marketing Manager of JDSU. Paul talks about their new breakthrough solution for Service Providers – PacketPortal. PacketPortal enables gathering intelligence from the network, which may be used for a whole range of applications such as personalised services, pro-active problem correction of networks and overall better service delivery. […]


RCR Wireless — intelligence on all things wireless — closed today

Goodness me. I was about to write a shocking you-will-not-believe-it piece about the RCR Wireless coverage of SpinVox. I got their newsletter this afternoon and saw red when they took their hatchet to the voicemail-to-text service. I think the fundamentally misunderstood the point of SpinVox, commenting that it often spells transcribed words incorrectly and isn’t […]