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How I spent £432 in 4 minutes on my iPad

Last night I was on the phone to my father catching up on the week’s excitement. Of course, the Christmas period is arriving fast and one of his particular tasks this weekend is to pick up Gran. This means driving from Essex to Glasgow, staying overnight and then driving back with Gran. My father quite […]

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Who’s buying an iPad 2 then?

Who’s buying one then? I, obviously, have to have one. I did give some thought to standing in line for one like this poor chap (33 hours??) but… no. No thank you. Instead, our very own Krystal-in-Toronto ordered one for me early this morning using the UK site. I just went for the 16GB WiFi […]

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Reporter films story entirely with his iPad 2

Mike McNeill, a reporter working for Fox channel Southeast Texas Live, used his iPad 2 to record a whole segment from his local liquor store. He did a pretty good job of it too. I wonder if we’ll see more of these kind of self-filmed reports appearing on television soon — the production costs must […]

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iPad 2 Reactions: What does Dan Greenall of 20:20 Mobile think?

Here’s some input from Dan Greenall Product Marketing Manager of 20:20 Mobile. They are a leading distributor of mobile phone products and provider of business process outsourcing services to the telecoms industry and an authorised distributor for most leading mobile phone manufacturers and is one of the world’s largest distributors of mobile phone accessories, handling […]

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iPad 2 Reactions: What does Bernard Herscovich of BelAir Networks think?

We heard from Bernard Herscovich, President and CEO at BelAir Networks had the following to say. The firm’s wireless networking equipment is deployed by the world’s leading service providers including cable operators, mobile carriers, telecom service providers and hospitality service provider. “The launch of the iPad 2 will undoubtedly drive increased data traffic. Data growth […]

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