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Panic Stations at Cupertino: Why Apple’s iOS 6.0 Maps is a multi-billion dollar problem happening right now

So, that’s a long title. But it’s entirely accurate. You will no doubt have noticed a wide array of publications talking about the utter horror that is Apple’s new iOS 6.0 proprietary mapping application. Like me, many of you will have installed the upgrade of iOS 6.0 overnight and you’ll probably have noted the new […]


iPhone 5 due in Q3; Includes integrated tomato dispenser functionality

Right then the iPhone rumours have begun once again. I wonder just how much advertising revenue the technology industry generates purely from arse-level speculation that accompanies Apple launch “news”? A lot. Luckily here at Mobile Industry Review, we don’t bother with that sort of thing. I thought you’d like to know about the latest rubbish […]