Stand by What you Say – The Youth Opinion

We asked SMS Text News youth correspondent Issah to go out and ask the youth their opinion on SpinVox’s new Stand by What you Say campaign. You know the one, we’ve done a brief overview of it here. SpinVox launched Stand by What you Say in conjunction with MTV to get people talking about sex. […]


The Youth of London handle the iPhone

I’m sure you all know SMS Text News Youth Correspondent Isaah. He’s done a few things for us on how the youth of the nation view phones, providers and the mobile industry in general. This time we put an iPhone in his hand as a follow up to his youth opinion piece he did late […]

Mobile operator shops dismissing their young customers?

A little while I asked Issah, the SMS Text News Youth Reporter, aged 15 and from East London, to check out some of the UK mobile operators here. Whenever I walk into a shop, I am generally treated pretty well. I wondered if this was the same when it comes to teenagers who are poised […]

Won’t somebody PLEASE think about the young people

Issah, our intrepid 15-year old reporter, has a wicked piece coming about how mobile phone shops treat their young customers. Nothing short of ridiculous. However today I’m on the hunt for ideas for what we could get Issah to test out. Phones, products, services – what do you think needs a 15 year old’s perspective? […]