My Top 7 Apps: James Parton of Twilio Europe

I’m delighted to present an in-depth Top 7 Apps submission from James Parton, Director of Twilio Europe. I’ve long been a big fan of Twilio (I have had a lot of fun programming various apps using their API) — and I’ve long been a fan of James himself, having followed his telecoms career for some time […]


Twilio: They’ve hired James Parton as European Marketing Director!

Many readers will be highly familiar with James Parton, formerly of Telefonica’s BlueVia developer programme. James was instrumental in building huge awareness and credibility for the operator’s developer offering. Indeed you may remember him from some brilliantly direct videos we filmed interviewing James discussing BlueVia (here’s one of them). The chances are that anyone involved […]

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James Parton introduces BlueVia from Telefonica

In the first of our new video series, we meet James Parton, Head of Marketing for Telefonica’s developer programme, BlueVia. I asked James to introduce BlueVia to us and to highlight it’s key offerings for developers. If you are working in mobile development, you should be intimately aware of what you can do with BlueVia. The […]

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Hello from James Parton of BlueVia

I popped over to see James Parton of BlueVia this morning to find out what was going on with Telefonica’s developer programme this week. I think popped out the camera and asked James to give us an update. Thanks James — here’s the video:

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James Parton introduces Telefonica’s all new developer platform, BlueVia

There’s been a lot of positive chatter in recent days about Telefonica’s BlueVia service for developers. So I asked James Parton, Telefonica’s Head of Developer Marketing, to give us a quick overview. Telefonica is well known for being serious about working with developers — and I’m pleased to see continual innovations and iterations in their […]